Hidden grave holds remains of murder victims in Valley of Juarez

March 19, 2014

CIUDAD JUÁREZ, Mexico — Forensic experts in Ciudad Juárez are trying to identify the remains of several bodies unearthed in the rural Valley of Juarez where a previous mass grave was discovered.

“They have gone out there again to locate more bodies,” said Oscar Hagelseib, Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations in El Paso. Continue reading

Acusa a Policía mexicana de asesinar a su gemelo

3 Feb 2014

Desde el centro de detención migratoria donde se encuentra recluido, Efraín Chávez Maldonado, un joven mexicano, de 31 años, ha señalado directamente a la Policía Estatal de Chihuahua como responsables de haber asesinado a su hermano gemelo Manuel Chávez Maldonado.
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Miguel Angel Lopez Solano


Miguel Angel Lopez Solano is a photojournalist from Veracruz, Mexico. His father Miguel Angel López Velasco, was a prominent columnist at Notiver and brother Misael López Solana, was a photographer with the same newspaper.On June 20, 2011, his father, mother and brother were killed by unidentified gunmen who broke into their home as they were sleeping. In May of 2012 four reporters were killed in Veracruz: Regina Martinez of the newsmagazine Proceso, and photographers Guillermo Luna, Gabriel Huge and Esteban Rodriguez, a cameraman. Shortly after Miguel and his wife fled Veracruz and began their asylum process with Mexicanos en Exilio. Their asylum was granted in June of 2013.

Widow Takes Aim at Law Enforcement in Mexico


FABENS, Texas — Months after her husband was killed by gunmen who entered the couple’s home in Guadalupe, Chihuahua — just across the Rio Grande from El Paso County — Lorena Acosta still couldn’t have a proper funeral for him. She didn’t have a body to bury.

The body of Manuel Chavez, who was killed in October by men described by witnesses as municipal or state police officers, had yet to be officially identified after he was shot in the head and buried by his assassins in an unmarked grave. The body was found weeks later on the outskirts of this small community, but law enforcement declined to perform DNA tests for months.  Continue reading

Evidencia CNDH negligencia de Fiscalía en caso de 7 homicidios de familia Reyes

29 enero 2014

Chihuahua— La Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos evidencio que los homicidios de siete integrantes de la familia Reyes Salazar, la Fiscalía General del Estado fue omisa y negligente en las investigaciones respectivas, ya que no hay movimientos importantes de diligencias y tampoco fue capaz de proteger al resto de la familia, que se encuentra fuera del país porque obtuvo asilo político. Continue reading